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"Milky Way - Solar System - Planet Earth - Europe - Italy - Tuscany - Massa Carrara - Fivizzano - Arlia... Encanto"

Via San Pietro, 83 - Arlia

54013  Fivizzano (MS)   Tuscany- Italy

tel or whatsapp   +39 339 6868558 Roberta      + 39 338 4992325 Antonio

We live in Arlia, a small hillside hamlet at 450 m asl where peace and tranquility reign, 6 km away from Fivizzano where all facilities and the rest of the world are (shops, restaurants, pharmacies, hospital, etc...).


The coast and the sea (Lerici the closest place) are approximately 45 minute drive away, a little further on are the Cinque Terre on one side and the Versilia on the other. The mountain is close... the nerve centre of the Parco dell’Appennino Tosco Emiliano, the Cerreto pass, is a 30 minute drive from here and offers a wide network of paths for walkers in the summer and several snow attractions in winter.

from our guestbook 

“the most enchanting places must be deserved ... looking, searching, even with difficulty to reach them”


Our choice of living at Encanto has been very conscious and we are absolutely enthusiastic about it ... but we well know that everyone has different needs and demands, so Encanto may not be the place you are looking for.


If you are thinking to come to us, we wish to inform you with great transparency.


Do you want to escape, get away from everything and everyone for a few days or a few weeks?

Do you want to spend a holiday away from crowded places?

Encanto will enchant you with its silence, its tranquility and peace ... and you will want to stop for longer than you have booked. You can stay all day reading a good book or admiring the view that surrounds us, in the summer you can relax by the pool or take a walk in the surrounding area.


You are all absolutely welcome but keep in mind that:

  • the last 6 km that separate us from the rest of the world are on a

        road with many curves and a unique roadway, sometimes narrow

        but however paved and very little traffic; the last 200 meters are

        on a dirt road and our parking is in the courtyard at the end of a

        rather steep descent.     

  • if you are passing through a traveling trip and look for a place to

        stay for one night ... there are certainly more convenient


  • if you are looking for a location just a few minutes far from the

        highway ... know that to get to us, from Aulla it takes about 40 min

        by car (and there are no alternative means);

  • if you drive a sports car, very low or very large ... keep in mind that

        our parking has limits (road and position);

  • if you are looking for a place where the restaurants / shops are

        within walking distance ... be prepared to drive for at least 6 km (in

          Arlia we live in about 25 people and there are only houses) or to walk for

        more than an hour (not in the evening with the dark and without any

         loads in to below);

  • if you need TV to follow one of your favorite programs or a sport

        event ... at Encanto we have only a lot of books but no TV;

  • if you are a large group ... you will have to look elsewhere because

        we can accommodate a maximum of 6 people (in two rooms).


Compared to the geolocation of google map, where you can find us as Encanto di Arlia, we are in the under road and to reach us is necessary to turn right along the dirt road that is located 30 meters before the white signpost of Arlia.


The nearest airports are Pisa (107 km – 1.30 h aprox) and Genova (135 km - 1.45 h aprox) while the train station of Aulla – Lunigiana is 23 km far (35 min circa)

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