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charming b&b


Roberta & Antonio

Inveterate travelers and crazy walkers with a fondness for dreams with the right pragmatism to turn them into projects. Lovers of nature and of all that is, enthusiasts of people and their stories.


Roberta, born under the sign of Libra, is generous, enthusiastic and cheerful, lover of DIY and creative recovery, she moves  from Encanto to return now and then in his office in Milan.


Antonio, has the curiosity of an explorer and the tenacity of a marathon runner, professional coach with the unbridled passion to help people clarify and achieve their sporting and life goals, he moves from Encanto to assume the role of corporate trainer.

Tosca e Phoebe

Tosca became part of our family in April 2015 when she was only two months old, bringing with them a boost of energy and a lot of beauty. Phoebe arrived in June 2017 when she was 3 and a half years old..


As good weimaraner they are insatiable pampering, terribly affectionate and tireless on long rides in the woods.

EWD - Encanto Wild Design

Our passion for design materializes in wooden objects and ceramics, we accomplish combining the forms of nature with the creative imagination of designers.


Our works are exhibited at Encanto and dedicated to all those who wish to enrich their home with an elegant NaturalDesign object

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