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... our tips to enjoy a full day in 5 Terre​ ...

5 Terre is one of the most beautiful place to see once in a life… it means that are really fantastic but also always very crowded…

From La Spezia, the 5 villages are Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza

and Monterosso…                                                                  


We well understand that most of people, in particular who comes from the other side of the world, would like to visit 5 Terre... and so here some tips that, in our opinion, you should consider in your holiday planning…

  1. Forget the car… it would be a real problem in any season... most of time it is really impossible to find a parking place and anyway, if you are lucky to find one, it will cost you a fortune…

  2. During the summer season avoid Saturday and Sunday… when, in addition to tourists on vacation, you will find Italians from the cities who spend the weekend or just a one day trip at the seaside…


Our suggestion is to get to La Spezia by car (there is a convenient parking at Porto Mirabello, near the boat departure) take the boat to 5 Terre that allows you to see the beautiful cost from the sea and specially to visit Portovenere that is not one of the five famous sailor villages but anyway a pearl that it is worth visiting (the train not arrives) and return to La Spezia by train.


Program recommended (pls check timetable in according to the period chosen)

  • Leaving from Encanto not later than 10 am in order to arrive in La Spezia

     in time to catch the 11.15 boat 

  • Stop in Portovenere (about 50 min) - boat to Riomaggiore at 12.50

  • Stop in Riomaggiore (about 1 h) – boat to Manarola at 14.25

  • Stop in Manarola (about 1 h) – boat to Vernazza at 15.40

  • Stop in Vernazza (about 1 h) – boat to Monterosso at 17.05

  • Stop in Monterosso, visit the village… the biggest of the 5 and the                                                                                  only one with a sandy beach

  • The train from Monterosso to La Spezia is every 20 min and takes about 30 min

  • From the La Spezia train station to Porto Mirabello parking is a 20 min pleasant walk                                       through the main street of the city center


Note 1: the boats do not stop in Corniglia, where stops the train! You could consider to visit it on your return way to La Spezia

Note 2: the boats operate from April to October and with good sea condition

Note 3: during the high season, could be that the boats do not stop in Riomaggiore, Manarola and Vernazza and from Portovenere arrive directly in Monterosso


There is also the opportunity to take train from/to Aulla where there is a big free parking (about 30 min from Arlia).


In addition to the above mentioned program you could consider:

  • Train from Aulla to La Spezia            10.10 - 10.33

  • Train from La Spezia to Aulla            19.27 - 19.49


... for those who want to have dinner in La Spezia the last train to Aulla is at 21.14 and arrives at 21.31 

5 Terre map

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